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When you need a vehicle removed from your property or discover that your car has been towed, you’ll be sure to have a number of questions about our services. At Hobkirk Enterprises Towing & Recovery Inc, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about our fast response towing and
vehicle repossession services to the Tallahassee, FL area.
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Who can pick up a vehicle from the tow lot?

That depends what kind of tow it is. Vehicles towed from private property can be anyone with the keys and a driver’s license. Most law enforcement tows must be released to the owner or the owner can release it to anyone only after a vehicle release form has been filled out and emailed to us. This includes all vehicles that have been in an accident or impounded by law enforcement.

The sign says roam to 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM, can I be towed during the day?

Yes. There are two tow signs. One that reads 24-hour tow away zone and one that reads Roam Tow 12-7 AM. THIS IS MISLEADING. Both are required by the city of Tallahassee for residential parking lots. We have asked everyone we can to allow us to remove the roam tow sign because it seems like the parking rules aren't enforced other those hours. Any manager or authorized agent of the property may have any vehicle removed from their property any time they would like to, simply by signing a request to the towing service.

How can I keep from being towed?

The short answer is: don't park in the wrong place. If you visit someone, ask the person who lives there where visitors are supposed to park while you are there. Most apartment parking lots have decals for their residents to park there.

Pay and Display Parking Lots

These are pretty new to Tallahassee so make sure you understand how these work. You must pay at the payment kiosk for the amount of time you plan to park in these lots and immediately return to your vehicle place the paid ticket on the dash of your vehicle before leaving your vehicle in the lot. We won't search inside your vehicle to see if you have one. You must display the paid parking ticket on the dash where the tow truck driver can see the date and time it expires. Make sure you return to your vehicle before your parking time expires and either buy more time or remove your vehicle from the lot.

If I do not pick up my vehicle the same day it was towed will it cost me more?

Yes, the rate for vehicle storage is $25.00 per day extra.

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