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Locally owned by David Hobkirk, Hobkirk Enterprises Towing & Recovery Inc was opened on September 20, 1993 with the goal to take great care of customers and provide the best 24/7 towing in the Tallahassee, FL area. In addition to roadside assistance services, our towing company specializes in vehicle impounds for the Tallahassee Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Department, FSU Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, including private property tows from many apartment lots and businesses in and around Tallahassee.
Hobkirk enterprises towing and recovery inc

We Treat Everyone with Respect

There are many reasons why a vehicle is impounded: parked in the wrong space or parking lot, no tag, expired tags, flat tires or just abandoned by the owner are a few reasons. We also understand that there's no reason to mistreat the owners of vehicles that have been towed. We treat everyone picking up their vehicle like a person and try to help owners understand why their vehicle was towed. We’ll do what we can to help get you back on your way.

Experience the Difference

When it comes to fast and reliable towing, we are the towing company to call. We take careful precautions while transporting vehicles and offer friendly, personable service to every person who walks through our doors. Licensed, insured, certified and registered, we are your first choice for prompt towing and exceptional service. Contact us now for emergency towing or to learn more about our services.
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